Product Catalogue Websites

What is a Product Catalogue Website?

Many websites list product information. When you have more than a few products, the process of managing this information can become tedious. Also, it can become frusting for customers if they are unable to browse your products by category or search for them using keywords.

A product catalogue is an automated system that allows you to specify product information in a database, and have that information display consistantly in a categorised and searchable format on your website.

How does a Product Catalogue Website work?

Our product catalogue system integrated your CMS website with a products database. The product database allows you to manage various product details such as item codes, descriptions, photos and other media (e.g. PDF data sheets), attributes and pricing. This information can be categories and presented on your website in a consitent layout that allows customers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

How can Antevo help?

Antevo will setup your CMS Website with our integrated product database system to provide you with a complete product catalogue website.

The stages involved in the production of a Product Catalogue Website include:

  • Analysing your organisations values, goals, target market and product range.
  • Creating and presenting several design concepts in line with your branding requirements.
  • Converting the selected design concept into the HTML programming language.
  • Loading all supplied information and page content.
  • Creating and uploading artwork associated with page content.
  • Collecting product data including item codes, product attributes, images, data sheets, etc.
  • Importing product information and configuring category structure and catalogue layout.
  • Checking and testing of website.
  • Staff training and set-up of visitor statistics/analytics.
The Antevo Product Catalogue

We can upgrade your product catalogue website to an Online Store/E-Commerce Website at any time, so a Product Catalouge Website is a great first step.

What should I look out for?

Many product catalogue systems may lack the advanced functionality required to store and present all product information accurately. Our system, for example, allows you to maintain multiple price lists and provide customers with a login so that they can see their own special pricing. Another commonly requested feature is storing multiple photos per product, which our system also supports. Also, some product catalogues will not allow customers to view products by category or search the product database using specific criteria.

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