Online Advertising

What is Online Advertising?

This term is broadly used to cover any form of advertising on the internet. The most popular forms of advertising include:

  • Google Adwords
    This allows you to place a text ad on Google search results and optionally on partner sites across the web. It is commonly used as an alternative or in conjunction with Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Facebook Advertising
    Like Google Analytics, advertising on Facebook will allow you to place a text ad that will be shown on various areas of the Facebook website. The best thing about this is that you are able to target specific demographics using criteria such as age, gender, location, hobbies and interests.
  • Web 2.0/Social Profiles
    You may have heard the term "Web 2.0" recently. Although there are many definitions, it generally describes many popular community-driven sites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace,, Digg and many more. By listing your information and participating in many of these communities, you are instantly exposing your website and business to a large range of people that will generally have an interest in the field/industry that you are targetting.

How does Online Advertising work?

For many web 2.0/social profiles, all you have to do is create an account and spend the time setting up your profile and communicating with other users. Generally this is free of charge. However, for text and banner advertising programs such as Google Adwords, MySpace Advertising or Facebook Advertising the relavent 3rd parties will usually charge either per click (known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC) or per view/impression.

How can Antevo help?

The web changes every day, and so does the way advertising works. We focus on staying up to date with the latest trends of effective online advertising, and we consult with all our clients on how best to utilise online marketing to attract traffic and new business to their website. You can also learn more about our Social Media Management.

We can provide information on how to set-up various social profiles, or just set them up for you. We can also manage and run advertising campaigns for sites such as Google Adwords.

What should I look out for?

With advertising campaigns, it is critical that the person managing the campaign knows how to properly utilise the available tools to make sure your ads are reaching the target demographic. If your are not specific enough with certain criteria, your campaign could end up costing you a lot more money than it needs to and our return on investment will be minimal.

When setting up social profiles, it is important to understand how information will be conveyed to both users and search engines. Also, privacy settings and publishing permissions must be set-up correctly to ensure the right people have the right control over what can be viewed and modified.

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