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iPhone Website Preview

With well over 11 million Internet enabled mobile phones in Australia, a mobile website can no longer be ignored.

The latest in the Apple iPhone line came out this year (iPhone 4) and is stocked by all the major Australia telco's. With a full 3.5" touchscreen it is now easier to browse the mobile web than ever before.

How do Mobile Websites work?

Mobile websites work the same as a normal website except they are optimised to run on a slower Internet connection and for the smaller screen. Although the basic website design principals are the same, there is a lot to consider when creating a mobile friendly website.

  • Screensize: your website needs to run a screen as small as 2 inches. As a comparison, the standard computer monitor is now around 19 inches!
  • Load time: a mobile phone generally will have a slower Internet connection than a computer, therefore a mobile website should have minimal graphics and be saved in a very web friendly format.
  • Simplicity: it is a lot harder to read long lines of text on a phone, therefore everything must be kept to a minimum.

Some Great Mobile Website Design Examples

Here are some great examples of mobile websites to check out on your Internet enabled mobile device:

What about iPhone Website Design?

Whilst the iPhone is just another mobile phone, there are some small differences with iPhone Website Design such as clickable call buttons and iPhone form integration. You may also be interested in our iPad Website Design services.

Where should my mobile website live?

There are three main options here. You can create a new domain name for your mobile friendly website (e.g. You can create a separate subdomain for your website (e.g. Or you can have your website automatically detect the device and convert your website for that device.

Our Antevo Mobile Website

You can view our mobile friendly website if you visit: from your Internet enabled mobile device. Or you can view it on your computer at:

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