Email & SMS Marketing

What is Email & SMS Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending solicited emails (not spam) to a list of potential or existing customers. The recipients have usually electected to sign up for a mailing list (for example to receive your latest newsletter) through either an online sign-up form or purchasing from you previously. Sending emails are a great way to communicate relevant news and information with customers when it happens.

SMS marketing involves sending bulk Short Message Service (SMS) messages to the mobile phones of potential or existing customers. Like Email marketing, the recipient usually signs up to the SMS list through an online form. SMS is an effective tool to communicate your latest promotion or special, and is extremeley useful for businesses with a physical premises holding events and special promotions.

How can Antevo Help?

Antevo provides an easy to use and fully integrated customer database/Email and SMS marketing solution that runs on the same software platform as your CMS Website.

This means when a user signs up for a mailing list on your website, that information is automatically stored in the customer database. From there, you are able to run a campaign and send out emails/SMS without having to copy-and-paste or double-handle contact information. This streamlined approach will save you time and money over many traditional and more cumbersome approaches.

What should I look out for?

Legislation exists in many countries around the world that prevents anyone from sending unsolicited mesages (aka SPAM) via Email or SMS. In particular in Australia, if you send any person an Email or SMS you must provide an option to "opt-out" of the mailing list so they will not receive further correspondence. When researching your Email or SMS marketing provider ensure that their systems are capable of following the latest legislation in your region.

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