CMS Websites

What is a CMS Website?

Traditionally, to change something on your website you would have to contact and pay your website developer to do this.

Many modern websites are created using a CMS (Content Management System), which allow your staff to make changes to your website.

How do CMS Websites work?

Staff are able to login through a secured online control panel, where they can view, add, edit and delete information from your website. A good CMS software package will allow you to delegate permissions to staff and control which areas of the website staff can perform these actions on.

How can Antevo help?

All Antevo websites run on our easy-to-use CMS software. We cover all aspects of website development, from analysis and design to content layout and function implementation. Antevo provides all clients with access to our easy-to-use CMS software platform, which means you get CMS as a standard feature when you select us to develop your website.

The stages involved in the production of a CMS website include:

  • Analysing your organisations values and goals.
  • Creating and presenting several design concepts in line with your branding requirements.
  • Converting the selected design concept into the HTML programming language.
  • Loading all supplied information and page content.
  • Creating and uploading artwork associated with page content.
  • Checking and testing of website.
  • Staff training and set-up of visitor statistics/analytics.
  The Antevo CMS

What should I look out for?

There are three ways CMS software licensing is usually handled:

  1. Commercial license, charged upfront and for upgrades - When your site is setup, you pay a license fee to install the CMS software on your web hosting. When a new version is released, you have to pay to have it upgraded. Commercial software is usually very well built, by experienced teams of designers and programmers yet it comes with a high pricetag.
  2. Open source license - When your site is setup, a web developer usually charges to install the free CMS software. When a new version is released, you may have to pay the web developer to upgrade the software. Open source software is usually well built, however it often lacks the backing of an organised experienced company and can sometimes result in the software being hard to use and understand.
  3. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing - In this model, your web hosting and software licensing is integrated. Instead of paying a large upfront licensing fee and paying each time you have your site upgraded, you pay a small monthly fee and always have the latest version of the software. This gives you access to commercial quality software, with the benefits of Open Source licensing (low implementation cost).

Antevo utilises option 3, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model. We believe this is the best for businesses that want to have a set cost (monthly fee) with minimal headaches (no need to worry about finding and dealing with a hosting company). Your monthly fee covers all updates to the CMS and all security patches to ensure your website software is always up to date.


Our CMS Website packages start from $1500 including everything you need to get a quality website running on the Internet and access for you and your staff to update it 24/7.

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